Welcome to the Winter Session Ethnobotany wiki!

You should see your species in the navigation bar to the left. Remember, you can find tutorials on how to use wikispaces here.

I will be assigning points based on:
  • clarity of writing
  • thoroughness of discussion
    • images of the plant including
      • flowers
      • fruits
    • information about relatives in the same plant family
      • name of the plant family and important members of that family
      • distinguishing characteristics of the family
    • information about geographic distribution of the plant (ideally as a map)
    • information on use and efficacy
      • how is it used?
      • what is it used to treat?
      • what are the active compounds?
      • Is there any proof that it works? How good is that evidence?
      • Are there side-effects or possible drug-interactions?
  • proper citations and attributions

I highly encourage you to read, comment and/or edit each other’s pages. If you work together with your friends in the course, you can improve your pages and improve your grade.